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Daily Dose of Beauty website is becoming a WOMAN'S BUSINESS BLOG. Originating as a HAIRDRESSING page, I try to extend it into a blog where I offer articles to read and HAIR & some beauty SERVICES. Later on, I will list diverse items for sale which are partly self-made.

I wanted for a long time a blog like this instead of a normal hairdressing website and started again and again. And I include all my skills and dreams.


The lockdown is over, I have been tested several times negative. I got my first vaccination behind me and tend to buy now lots of cleaning materials. I wear masks, I have special disinfectants for your hands from Neals Yard and I am a follower of the hairdressing trainers such as Jamie Dana and Guy Tang.

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My own shop - all hand made products - photos coming soon.

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by Margaret George

A totally feminist writing on the Troy war saga, where Helen plays the main role and is given power.

The film Troy by Wolfgang Peterson, gave her just a short role in the film. Brat Pit played the stylish sexy warrior and from Helen, we saw just scenes about an illicit love affair at the end of the film, how degrading.

So here you can suffer and fight with Helen and be emerged in the old saga of Homer.

Margaret George is highly talented in bringing the lost history of women to life. She has written about Cleoprata and Mary Magdalena and so it is a must for all to learn some possible truth. 


Thank you for running this salon every Thursday. The hairstyles always lasts and I love it.

Thank you for coming to us and doing our hair in our carehome. We are very happy that you helped us. You have brightened our day.

Thank you for all the highlights throughout the years. You are a great friend. Sorry, that I always have to go out to smoke.


Camden Carehome, Manager

Bhavini, Secretary





As kitchens and restaurants are closed, he has time to cook and bake at home and show you his creation.

He has cooked with great master chefs.

Created dishes for politicians and royals.

He can serve 100 people at once and it is the way he shows his love.

It is cold outside and dark most of the time. It is gloomy and even scary. The only nice thing are in the evenings when we see the lights in the windows. The question is how do we survive this time, especially now as we are restricted in our movements thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many will feel locked in and don't know what to do with themselves. But it isn't as dark as in previous years here in London, England. Normally it was really grey, now it is a bit lighter thanks to Climate Change. Even so it is a serious negative thing. We don't mind some light.

The question is how we survive this time. The days are really long and if you have lots to do at home, do them! If you work, work 7 days a week! I would do it. Just remove yourself from thinking too much.

It has something to do with how you see things. People report that once they became Christians they found that everything looked better, brighter.

The wintertime can be as well a time where you prepare for the year, even so mostly is purely survival. The heating costs us a lot and is even more expensive than during the rest of the year. The windows either let too much cold air in or nothing and mold appears on the ceiling. You need the heater on to keep not just you but the flat warm and the pipes from freezing. This all belongs to our wintertime routine. And when we were able to push our bills at Christmas aside, the creditors come knocking now the more on our doors. So it is double stress and it is really hard. And when we are outside, walking is difficult as we wear heavy jackets, jumpers and boots. And are fast exhausted, or have to get used to it. Oh yes, but I won't miss it.