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Daily Dose of Beauty website is becoming a WOMAN'S BUSINESS BLOG. Originating as a HAIRDRESSING page, I try to extend it into a blog where I offer articles to read and HAIR & some beauty SERVICES. Later on, I will list diverse items for sale which are partly self-made.

I wanted for a long time a blog like this instead of a normal hairdressing website and started again and again. And I include all my skills and dreams. You can try me out on my LIFE COACHING skills.


You can phone me or text me, or write to me via the apps. It is best to text or write to me and I will answer you as soon as possible. I work all over London in the United Kingdom and it is a MOBILE SERVICE. But because of COVID - 19 I think the next possible HAIRDRESSING sessions will be held in January. Perhaps we are lucky and there will be no lockdown in January. So you can contact me for future appointments. I can't do any hairdressing now, but once this last lockdown or Tier 4 restriction is over, I can come to you. Where LIFE COACHING of course is via skype and always possible.


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My own shop - all hand made products - photos coming soon.

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Thank you for running this salon every Thursday. The hairstyles always lasts and I love it.

Thank you for coming to us and doing our hair in our carehome. We are very happy that you helped us. You have brightened our day.

Thank you for all the highlights throughout the years. You are a great friend. Sorry, that I always have to go out to smoke.


Camden Carehome, Manager

Bhavini, Secretary


I go all over London, but the business is based in North London near Finsbury Park area.

United Kingdome/ London

Please youse the apps or text or phone me.



Mon - Fri: 7am - 10pm  \  ​​Saturday: 8am - 10pm 


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