How is the question do we motivate us every day for our business?

That is here the question. It is so easy when you work, you are forced to pull yourselve together and work through tiredness and any sort of otehr weird and wonderful feeling. No you have your dreamlive you ever wanted and it is more difficult then thought. Question is how I keep up every day like before when I was working?

There are so many things to do, even they don't bring money straight away but are necessary work and I want to enjoy them. We want to have our hands on our projects every day and enjoy that and feel good and confident and motivated and so consistend.

Some peopel manage that quite well, others have problems with it. A whole industry has sprung up to discuss this issue.

The question is how you motivate yourself every single day, and not procrastinate and fantasyse that if we sleep during hte day, or watch all day long TV or go on a shopping trip that little magic people do the work for you when you are away from your table. Because I really believe that the good feeling I get from sleeping or resting or watching TV or going shopping that magically helps the business. It is just a feeling, a fricken feeling Joyce Meyer teaches us for years. We have to go through all sorts of weird and wonderful feelings and do the work we have to do anyway and then with the time our feelings will become normal and so consistency has a chance.

It will be difficult to get some things done when you are tired.

But what i have discovered is that I will wake up affter a while. Or if I am not willing to do something, I think of wanting to do something else as the other thing will be easier and more glamorous. That will never help consistency and rather distroys everything. I started to keep my diary now more and more as I have written it, instead of changing it. I have discovered that when I have difficulties doing something. Then start a work and juist for 1 hour. then do nothing else the entire day. That will make me so angry, that the following day I do defenitely more.

Be an adult, feel like a confident adult or angry adult, or scared adult or lazy adult and start your day early and do something. Clean your room or office space or work space. And you have done major work and can think straight again. Make yourself ready, wash your face, put make up on, do your hair and get the best dress out of your closet. That will wake you up.

Perhaps it is a sign that not working on your tasks is that you are not confident. You are not a confident adult and rather love to live with it, because you know how it feels and and is save. Your world won't change. There is no challenge, no panic to get through and dreaming alone is really so nice.

I think I get up and get myself ready. I think I will wear the long dress, or?

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