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More and more men seem to not wanting to earn a living and we women have to adabt. Time is over for men who were the bread winner for the entire family. Willing to work 10 hours a day to put food on hte table and we women could stay at home. And make the home nice and be happy and content with this life.

Two thighs have changed

When we women are at home, we do things, we aren't 'still'. We want things for our lifes. We have soem ideas and try things out and by that annoy our best friend and partner. We have forgotten how life can be at home, cleaning daily and cooking and enjoying it. and wearing our best dresses and havign our hair done. These days we look like we have every day of the week hangover and on the verge of big emotional brakedowns. We simply can't do it anymore.

And the men tried to be supportive but now with the pandemic and forced to do nothing, they enjoyed it. My partner at least. He can stare at the ceiling 8 hours a day and be happy. He enjoys the daily TV shows and don't need books or a career change. They can cook these men and don't need women for it anymore. My partner always declares himself the better housewife. My daughers husband is totally talented in dealing with bunch of crazy kids and cooks as well.

They cook when we come home from work. And it is really lovely and we don't want to change that part.


  • We all had to go to school for more or less ten years

  • We were told to find work, to work, work, work

  • We had to learn a profession

  • The entire system of family life has been attacked and we have to try to make the best out of it

  • The Covid Pandemie where business had to stop operating and so many were put on Furlough

  • And moving to another country and not finding work, or be allowed to work for a certain amount of time

  • Being old or ill, getting pension

So instead of panicking we women have to adapt. And we see now how badly we are paid and that we need to move proffessionally upwards. A plain job, or part time won't do it anymore.


Yes, some shout and fight day in and out, espechially when there are little kids around. My daughter for example makes no plan for getting one. Or the love cools down and they move into different rooms.


Make plans, write down what one is good at and perform these duties during the days. Like that household scores are divided now differently. That he cooks the meals and cleans the flat. That he can look after the children and do this as professionally as possible. He has to be willing of course.

Not get panick when you think of your daughters and not try to talk them into seperations. I use to get the panic, when I was thinking about my daughter. Her husband who is now 32 years old is a fantastic cook, drives her to work and collects her. Can look after his sisters children and want to have lots of kids of his own. He has a lot of all round wisdom, but otherwise who does nothing.

From my sister the husband is in pension and could do a bit more. Yes he does the household scores, but he could do something with his wealth of knowledge. The next in hte wider family has moved into spiritual quest and lifestyle, otherwise as well does household scores and things, but otherwise does nothing.

Yes it is time to enjoy it. This one cooks for the entire house, renovates things and is in genreal a nice chap. I gave up to tell him to go to work and gave up to think about his wife. And my sister might go into teaching! Currently still working part time and as she had some good days in university teaching young people, she considers to put more hours into it. She told me that she suffers from fear when she thinks of her future in old age and knows that things have to change. As she is has worked for 10 ears part time in order to have time for her art project that doesn't pay much. And I try to work double and work on this hairdressing business, which I run on and off.

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