Updated: Jul 13, 2021

I tried that and ended up healing myself. I went to group meetings, just to hear other people wanting to talk about their past painful experiences, when they got blocked from their therapists. No matter where I went, even to a private hypnotherapist. I was talked out of it. You can't change the past wa the answer. What can you do with it?

I went searching and got no where

I even sat ones for 30 minute outside of a private therapist's home. She never let me in, even so I had £50 with me for the session. I went to study psychology and found out that there was no lexture on abuse, or child hood traumas. In the 90's no one talked about. we had to learn math and the differences of personailties. But that our personalities have been mended through others or bad experiences, was not taught.


As I told you just now that we all had to learn Math. That we were trained to do mathematical research. That I wrote a questionaire on happyness. And found out that people who had bad experiences in their past, knew what happyiness was. Where the otehrones who did not write down that they have had bad experiences or stress, knew not what happyness was.

This was jsut one research paper I did, which result really surprised me. We always think that we are the only people in the big wide world who had bad things happen to them. Because no one talkss about it. We get hurt and then angry. Some of us, which is not a good thing if this feeling of anger continues over a long period of time. And then there is this word 'abuse', so you can't use this word as you get wierd questions asked. And then you discover religion and that half of the Bible is about that issue and the answer to it, what the Bible offers is really something that need to be considerd as worth taking it on board.

So I tried to do a lot myself

I wrote diaries. I have 8 of them. One for each year. I read all sorts of self help books. I started to study the Bible. I have red the first quarter of it and I really have learned something. Not everyone can show that they suffer and go on to build a good life, so it is how we are dealing with us! We don't need to do weird things, go crazy or aggressieve. Don't need to retaliate against the world.

I have learned something that I can pass on to others. That I can show others that there is something out in the world that needs mending.

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