When one is suffering regularly with muscle pain, one wonders if they have chronic Rheumatism. They panic and go to the doctor and ask, but muscular pain is not pain in the bones. The one who has muscular pain can have it anywhere and for a long period of time. You feel stiff in the morning time when you have to get up. When you sit for some time, you could get pain in your legs and buttocks. A lot of physical work can bring it on as no physical work as well.

You just can say thank God that it isn’t Rheumatic and not affecting your bones. But it seems equally painful. Painkillers do not always help. But what helps a bit is stretching, doing some sort of yoga and swimming.

If you get older such as 50 and over you are in danger of getting lazy and letting yourself go. That means that your body becomes stiff and you tend not to use your legs or back as usual. That means you will need constant help for the rest of your life. Best is then to say that you don’t want this and start exercise routine to combat this serious danger.

If you can’t bend your back, you will not be able to sit in a chair and lean back into a washbasin to have your hair washed! It will get worth and you will decline in your flexibility. The only way up is to keep on walking, keep on doing things. Not let yourself go.

Once you have an injury as well every practitioner will tell you to train your feet and keep going traying as you are in danger that your feet stop moving.

Of course it isn’t easy and not comfortable but you still want to look good and want to go to a salon. Even if you get a mobile stylist or mobile beautician, you can have difficulties following her orders. What else could help is swimming and sauna and massage. But this is for the start of the problem. Once you leg or back have become stiff it is sheer impossible to turn the clock back. So have the energy to fight against it. You want to enjoy a long life and not be reliable on the family to help you with everyday tasks.

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