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What can I do? Here I am having time to do something. Work on my assignments, do my art, or read a book I wanted to read for a long time. Instead I just sit here and stare at the ceiling. The paper and pencils unused. Why is it that I procrastinate so often? What are the factors that make us stop doing the things we want or have to do?


If it is in any form abstract or far to new

Mental anguish such as fear, depression, mental suffering

Physical heatlhy, pain, discomfort

An idea that will be reached in a few years time

Have too much to do

Having lost the connection to your original idea

Family that interrupts you in many different ways

Confusion and lack of control

No energy and no motivation

Fals idea

Noise polution

People, family, co-workers or students who hinder you

Too many responsibilities

The best way to get to grips with our procrastination is to figure out why this is. Take this list I have written and read through it and you should be able to find your problem. Before you start with writing down your goal. You should be able to analyse yourself. And it is never just one problem, you might be plagt with, no there are many problems! Such as family responsibilities, health issues, and unwilling co-workers. Perceived racism or bitichiness, unfriendliness to yourself and money. That all together acts as a big demotivator and health issues that rather get worth!

One of the reason to have goals or change our lifes is to get our problems sorted. To create a better life, to design a new exciting life for us and make it less painful and be able to perhaps earn more money. Yet this sound's all so easy but it isn't. If we start with the physical health issues such if you might suffer from Arthritis or depression. Then of course will we feel hindered in doing the tasks that were written down.

Even so all this suffering is actually a great motivator to change your life, to make it better and pain free, but you constantly have to figure out how to do things when you suffer? When you have physical pain. You might need to go to the doctor to talk with him about the right medication.


Writing goals is fun.

Yet with major issues it is an ongoing thing. It is as well an ongoing thing to find the right solution for you. It is an ongoing thing to deal with an unstable mind. Espechially when it lasts for years and years. It is how you deal with your issues that will form your goals. I mean if you want to become a yoga teacher and sports trainer, and having constantly arthritic pain will be something of a challenge. And it will cost money in order to have your short comings turned around. Doing extra courses can help in dealing with anxiety as well. Even though it is such a time waster that you deal with re-writing your diary and goals that you get demotivated and confused anyway. It will take longer, years can go by and now with the Pandemic, colleges were closed. So you had to wait up to two years, to get there where you have been before!!!!!!!

Another big issue is learning or the process of creating and building your idea. You might have failed, you might have stoped, you might haven't been so good. You thought you had no talent. You wanted to learn an instrument and it seemed more difficult then you thought. But then you had good days and progressed surprisingly well. And you ask yourself why is this? Is there hope?

Yes there is hope. Because recognising that different experience means that you do have the ability to progress, with your project or learn something faster than you thought.

With me is when I have been rested for several days and then try to learn all the things I wanted to learn, such as languages, my songs, and psychology, then it can happen that I have it suddenly totally easy and learn everything fast. Normally it is very difficult.


Other goals of course are my business and there are people who are fifty times better then me, writing down thier goals and doing them. Like my sister; she is brilliant. She suffers from some sort of mental anguish, such as fear and panick attacks. But that hinder her not to do the things she had planned and it is often a personal challenge. She goes for it and does it. Goes out every day to do things. Gets up early, takes a shower, sometimes she does yoga or running and she goes through her written tasks. Despite fear and all sorts of other problems.

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