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I hate uncertainty, it is a word which I haven't heard before or overheard. We have a lot of sudden changes. These can throw our businesses from thrieving 80% to total standstill. Despite that bills and leases need to be paid. We have shops open one day and the next or the next hour they have to close the doors. We can send letters and parcels abroad and suddenly not even letters to Polen and Germany are possible.

As we have gone through these and similar since March many people know what to do and might have access to everything. It is here that we can use the quiet time for our own good. Rest and follow your own wellness program. Or clear out the garage and paint your kitchen new. Or fiddle on business ideas and work on it every day.

The many chances catapults us forward faster then we want. We have suddenly the right to design our lives the way we want, at least we can dream about it. Espechially we wonder if some businesses can operate any time this year. We are forced to think creatively in order to survive.

And so it feels a bit windy up here and scary. All the time we are in lockdown we can, must think and fantasies in order to have hope.

For the natural creatives that will be a found feast which can make them quite happy. There are people who said they feel better in lockdown because of certain issues. Where others find it traumatising, and I find it is both. It was at first cool to not have to go to work for an emplpoyer and getting paid and but then as I discussed with my partner my wish to never to return, there were lots of other things to do. And I did not ask questions to get advice. NOw I know a lot more and that makes me feel saver. Yes if you are a person which is easely frightened then paniking can happen much faster then you think. And as a frightened person you do something that you get more scared. You are slow in helping yourself even when you have the right answer in your head. Because I knew I had to phone around and I didn't. If you are a stronger person, or a person who is not fearful then of course a new routine, new way of doing things will be easier managed.

Knowledge, research, asking questions can help the more fearful person. And that was which I haven't done enough. I did that later and now I know more and feel saver. And I can now step up the new game and I know where I am going. I think.

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