Underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism)

When to see a GP

Symptoms of an underactive thyroid are often similar to those of other conditions, and they usually develop slowly, so you may not notice them for years.

For example, if you are an age where you may be expecting the menopause, you may think you have started the menopause rather than having an underactive thyroid.

You should see a GP and ask to be tested for an underactive thyroid if you have symptoms including:

  • tiredness

  • weight gain

  • depression

  • being sensitive to the cold

  • dry skin and hair

  • muscle aches

A doctor studied 10 years and I think don't understands or accept half of the theories, because people report being ignored by their GP's when trying to find the right cause on treatment for these symptoms. When they suspect that it might be caused by a low functioning thyriod gland, even so blood test are regularly adminstered. Nothing will come by out.

This Facebook group is one of many, you can join.

I used to suffer a lot as I have written in another article. One problem was feeling depressed and being overly tired. Having less energy when working and I was put into industries that just offer hard work, such as hairdressing. I had numerous blood tests, but for what? In the eighties I never had any medication for depression. I was given medication for tiredness, but depression wasn't taken serious by everyone I was talking to. So I suffered for years and was regularly very angry of why I had to do heavy work.

What I experience now with 56

Is that the doctor has not given me my antidepressant. That I feeling fine and not depressed anymore. I have energy and tiredness is reduced. It took 40 years to get the right treatment. wow, isn't it? It must be a reason why many and especially women are not given the right medication for their health problems. One just can be that they don't take these ailments serious. I mean I was barked at by a chemist for wanting something against my tiredness. This was 2 years ago in a Chemist shop by a female Chemist. In a Harly Street practice I was told they don't have anything for tiredness.

That they study too much and don't accept some theories to understand them.

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