A useful relaxing massage that focuses on the head, neck, face

  • 1 hour
  • 27 British pounds

Service Description

Originating from India, a very ancient massage and healing method from the Ayurvadic system. Indian headmassage has become very popular in Western cultures and so Turkish barbers and European and Japanese Hairdressers adopted it to give more when a persons hair is washed. You can have a head massage alone when your head is washed for 5 minutes, without any extra payment. But the actual massage will be done on the shoulder, neck, part of the face, top of the arm and the head. It will make you relaxed and should ease pain and stiffness. With circular strokes and the use of acupressure points on the head it will improve hair and scalp conditions. The Indian Head massage reduces headaches and improve physical wellbeing and so helps to lift your mood. Usually it requires no oil or powder, but you can choose from simply baby oil, to Yasmin, olive oil and arnica cream for the shoulder and arms. I usually start with massaging the shoulder. Using strokes or circle pressure points. Pressure pointing massaging on the neck and arms. Then I go over to the head. From stroking to massaging and use of pressure points it really does wonders. It will promote hairgrowth because more oxygen is pumped through your hair follicles. Relieves stress that in turn has a possitve effect on low moods which are then lifted. Can have a good effect regarding headache Stimulates better sleep and improves circulation of cerebral spinal fluid and reduces muscle stiffness

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